D&D@HTVF : Heroes of the Vale of Fallcrest

Keep of the Shadowfellc- Outside the Kobold's Lair

We reached the outside of the Kobold Lair and encountered the perimeter guards. The fight started off badly as our attempt to ambush them failed, and under the command of a kobold priest they started raining javelins at us.

We were forced to retreat to edge of the woods and repel their assaults. Things got so bad that Nikolaa almost died, had it not for healing spells from me and Faramond the bard. But thanks to the timely arrival of Arxus, the dragon-slaying shadar-kai, we managed to hold back the kobold attacks and finally rout them.

We won this encounter, but took some hits as well. Right now we’re deciding to attack the lair now, when we have surprise but we’re all wounded and low on resources, or attack after withdrawing to Winterhaven to rest and recuperate, but expect to be ambushed by the enemy force. I’m leaning on withdrawing first and risking the ambush, since I don’t see the advantage of attacking at half-strength.

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